Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review: Attachments

by Rainbow Rowell

 Been meaning to get to this book for some time, since I used to work with the author. It's always fun reading books set in your hometown, reading about familiar places and events. Set in a newsroom in the lead up to the Y2K non-event, this book took me back to where I was at that time of my life. Rowell does a great job of evoking that not-so-long-ago time.

 This is a cute story,  a love story about about a newspaper movie reviewer and the IT guy who falls for her through his job of monitoring her flagged emails. Rowell does a great job of creating characters we care about, believable dialogue, and a story that moves along at a good clip - no dead spots. She's got a unique voice, and this isn't just good for a first novel, it's a good novel. Can't wait for her next ones, she's got two due out later this year.

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