Monday, October 10, 2011

Peter Kiewit Construction Totally Rocks!

  Kiewit Construction is building a large office tower for TD Ameritrade a few miles from our house. They're using two giant tower cranes, which are visible from quite a ways away. I know this because everywhere we go, the boy points them out. He really, REALLY, likes construction equipment.

 Daddy has been taking him to the construction site on the weekends every month or so, so he can watch the progress. One Saturday morning, a supervisor spotted them watching, (the boy in his toy construction helmet) and came over to talk. He gave the boy a real, official Kiewit hard hat, sized down to fit, and offered to set up a tour some Saturday. A few weeks later, Daddy called to set up the tour, and John from Kiewit took them all around the site. They got to go up in the office building (still mostly just framework), and the boy got to touch, and sit in, actual construction equipment.

 It's amazing to me how far out of their way the Kiewit staff went to make one construction-crazy boy's day. Every time Daddy and the boy go back, if the workers are there, they smile and wave, sometimes give him official stickers for his hard hat - last time, they even made him a name label for the helmet. They didn't have to do any of this - the boy was happy just to watch them work. But Kiewit really gets public relations.

 View of the tower crane from inside the TD Ameritrade building, under construction.
The boy inside a construction vehicle, complete with safety vest and hard hat.

 If the boy ends up a construction worker, or a structural engineer, or an architect, I think we'll know just where and when the seed was planted. Thanks Kiewit!


  1. Such a cool story. People are amazing. I bet it made the workers' day just as much as it did your boy's to share that with him.

  2. Wow. That's really great. Lucky boy!

  3. What a great story. I love it when humanity shows its good side :)

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