Saturday, October 8, 2011

Football Saturday, Take 2

Just a short post today, getting ready to go to the Nebraska-Ohio State game. The first home Big 10 Conference game - hope it goes better than last week's farce at Wisconsin.

 We only go to one game a year, and last year I didn't go to any, since I was nine months pregnant at this time last year. So I'm hoping for good weather (no rain, please) and a good win for Nebraska. Just wish it wasn't a night game - it's going to be a late drive home from Lincoln.

Next day edit: Well, it rained off and on the whole game, but I got my good win! THAT was THE game to go to this year!  Down 27-6 in the third quarter, and Nebraska pulls out a comeback victory, 34-27. Biggest comeback in school history! Hello, Big Ten Conference, welcome to Lincoln! Didn't get back to Omaha until 12:30 a.m., and I feel hungover this morning without having had a drink, but it was totally worth it!

(Aside to my Hawkeye fan friends and relatives: Sorry about your trip to Penn State. I watched some of that game before we left, and I was rooting for Iowa - that was a tough loss. Even though NU is in the Big Ten now, I still plan to root for Iowa - right up until they play Nebraska!)

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