Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now She's Two

  My former baby girl is now officially a big girl - she turned two yesterday. (She's been acting two for a while now. Normally cheerful and good natured, she can still throw the most amazingly dramatic tantrums, for no apparent reason. Drama school may be in her future.) Before writing this, I looked over my blog from her first birthday last year - I can't believe how much she's grown and changed! Same smile, though.

 Since it was a school night, we had a simple celebration - a little cake, some presents and bedtime. The girl took everything in stride, but I thought her brother was going to blow a gasket, he was so excited. First he wanted to help blow out her candles, but we told him he had to wait until she'd given it a good try on her own. She took many, many puffs without success, and he was actually quivering by the time we told him he could help.

 Of course, he also wanted to help open her presents. She would tear some paper, then get distracted and wander off...we'd herd her back for another try...

 Once again, the boy was desperate to get in there and help. We constantly had to tell him to back off, let her do it herself. He's a bundle of constantly-moving hyper anyway, and the strain of trying to keep his hands to himself was visible - and hilarious!

 Eventually, all the presents were opened and they could play. They play together pretty well, though he needed many, many reminders that they were HER toys, he could share, but not take them out of her hands.

 It was a Sesame Street-themed birthday - a Sesame Street playset with muppet figures, and an Elmo book with beanie baby-size stuffed Elmo were the biggest hit. She loves Sesame Street, and she REALLY loves Elmo. (She also got clothes, but two-year-olds don't care about clothes!) She's been carting around "Eh-Mo" all day today, even introducing him to strangers as we went out and about.

 Here's some pictures of the birthday girl and her brother.

Blowing out the candles
Candles out - with help
Mmmmm, frosting
Big girls use forks
Birthday girl and big brother
Playing nicely together
Uh oh, crazy-baby eyes. Time for bed.

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