Monday, October 8, 2012

Did You Know October 6 Was Star Wars Reads Day? I Did!

Last Saturday was Star Wars Reads Day, an official Lucasfilm thing, where authors of Star Wars novels, and Star Wars costumed characters went out to bookstores and other venues around the country to promote reading.

 No authors made it to our general area to do book signings (alas), but the 501st Star Wars costuming group appeared at our local Barnes & Noble. By the way, the 501st - the people who dress up as Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Imperial officers, etc. - not only make their own costumes (spending boatloads of time and money in the process) but volunteer to do these appearances for charity. They make no money doing this, it's done out of love. Love for Star Wars, and the enjoyment of seeing kids' faces the first time they see Darth Vader - up close and personal!

 When we first walked in and looked around, it was easy to tell where the action was. A little girl, about 8 years old or so, came running out of the bookshelves, yelling "Darth Vader's here, I saw him, he's here!" (I especially love that it was a girl this excited about seeing Vader. Yeah, girls dig Star Wars too - and they don't all want to be Princess Leia. Some of them want to be bad guys.)

 Ironically, none of us left with Star Wars books. The boy picked out Halloween-themed books for himself and his sister, daddy got a history book off the clearance table, and since I picked up the latest Star Wars book last week, I went home with the new Harry Dresden paperback, by Jim Butcher.

 Here's some photos of my little Star Wars fans:

The boy with a Royal Guard. He loves the Emperor's Royal Guard, mostly because he wants to be the Emperor.

The boy, wearing his new Vader hat, with Vader.
Mara Jade (a character from the novels, not the movies) with a very tired Mara Jane. No, the name isn't a coincidence! ;)

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