Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Very Zombie Birthday

So, as I mentioned before, I turned 42 yesterday. But I think I still look pretty good for my age, right? (Be honest!)

Well, maybe that's not the best picture. The lighting wasn't that good, and I'm kind of a zombie...

 I wrote yesterday I was going to do something geeky for my birthday, and this was it - the fifth annual Benson Zombie Walk. Seriously, what else would I want to do for my birthday? We can do dinner and a movie anytime, but the Zombie Walk is only once a year! Besides, where else can you say things like, "I'll meet you by the hearse," and "Excuse me, I think you dropped your eyeball."

 Last year, all four of us went, me with two zombie children and daddy as a zombie hunter. (See last year's post, "A Good Day to be Undead" if you missed it.) This year, the almost-2-yr-old stayed home - she's at that age where taking her out in public is a crapshoot, behavior-wise. It'll probably be another year or so before she's an enjoyable companion in restaurants and other public places. So this year, I zombied alone, because the boy abandoned me to be a hunter/survivor with daddy.

Aren't they the cutest zombie apocalypse survivors?

Daddy said the most romantic thing - "If you were a zombie, I couldn't shoot you in the head. I'd have to put you in the barn."   (Awwwww. It's a "Walking Dead" reference.)

After the zombie walk, we dropped the boy back home with a babysitter and headed out for cupcakes and a late movie, "Looper," which I'll review tomorrow. The perfect ending to a geeky birthday!

Here's some more zombie photos:

"That's not your mommy anymore!"
Zombie sock monkey and zombie Gumby

The boy with a chainsaw

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