Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product Review: Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

 Yep, this is a diaper review, so if you don't have any diaper-wearing children in your life, feel free to skip this one, I don't mind.

Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers
Average retail price: about $20-$25 for the Big Pack size box, count varies by size

 This product came out about a year or so ago - you probably saw the ads: wiggly babies crawling, staggering and dancing around, with adults trying to change them. The idea was that a slip-on diaper would be easier for changing an older baby that moves around a lot.

 I tried it when it first came out. My baby was about one, sitting and pulling herself up, but not yet walking. This diaper is similar to a smaller-sized Pull-Up, it slides on like underwear, but has two tabs to unfasten the sides and take it off.

 Honestly, I'm not sure why the product researchers at Huggies thought it would be any easier to slide diapers on a wiggly baby than putting a diaper on the regular way. Yes, it's hard to keep them still, lying on their backs, legs in the air while you swap out used for new. But anyone who thought sliding a diaper on a baby like underwear would be easier, has never tried putting pants on an uncooperative baby. You stick one leg through the hole, then while you're trying to stuff the other one in, the first leg comes out.

 Also, they can't be pulled up easily unless the baby is standing - difficult to do if your baby isn't walking yet. You have to awkwardly prop the baby up, leaning against you, while you use both hands to tug the diaper up into position (it can't be done with one hand, I tried.)

 Now, I didn't really want to write a negative review - I like Huggies, I've used them on both kids - so I thought I'd wait and try them again when the baby was older. Well, I bought a pack a couple of weeks ago to try on my now-two-year-old. The Slip-On Little Movers do work a lot better on an older child. She's much better at putting pants on, and standing still on her own while I pull them up. The diaper change does go faster with these, pop off the side tabs on the old, and slide on the new.

 One major drawback: you can't go for the really quick change. Sometimes, say, in a public restroom, I do the quick change where you just slide the pants down, not take them all the way off. This way, you don't have to remove and replace shoes (and socks, since a baby will always whip off socks if given the chance.) But if your baby is wearing these, you'll have to take shoes and pants all the way off, you can not get the diapers on over shoes (I tried.)

 Overall, I don't think this is a bad product, just an unnecessary one, at least for me. Honestly, if your baby is big enough to slide the diapers on and off like underwear, it's about time to start potty training anyway, so you might as well just move straight to Pull-Ups and not bother with these.

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