Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October 1st!

...And that means it's once again National Blog Writers Month (NaBloWriMo), where participants attempt to post a blog entry every day for the month of October. The first post is supposed to be an introduction for new readers, so current followers, bear with me.

 I'm a stay-at-home mom with two kids, a six-year-old boy and an almost two-year-old girl. And I'm a total sci-fi geek, have been practically since I could read. But definitely since the original Star Wars came out (A life-changing event for much of my generation.)

 Last year was the first year I participated in (or had even heard of) NaBloWriMo, and looking back in the archives, I see I posted 23 blogs last October. So, I guess I got about two-thirds to the goal. That's not too bad, though, when you consider my first blog post ever was last September 28th!

 This year I expect to do better. It helps that I now have two blogs: This one, a catch-all of recipes, book and movie reviews, parenting topics, geeky things and whatever catches my interest; and "A Geek About Town" which I post on Thursdays. That one, a clearinghouse of geek-related things to do around Omaha, Nebraska, is something I started writing last spring - I volunteered  to write it for a charity organization I belong to, The Omaha Science Fiction Education Society (OSFES). So if the goal of NaBloWriMo is to get you writing, I guess I was somewhat successful, even if I didn't manage to post every day last October. After all, I went from no blogs to two blogs in just one year!

 Of course, after last October, I was pretty hit-and-miss keeping this one going. This time, I'll try to keep going on a regular schedule even after October is over. I'll pretend I'm a newspaper columnist on a deadline - that should work, I worked for a newspaper for 15 years (though not as a writer.) And the newspaper I used to work for now employs several bloggers on different topics, so maybe I can work this into a job!

 Full speed ahead into October!

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  1. Just clicked over from the NaBloWriMo page. So nice to meet you!