Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Biggest Story of the Day (Hint: It's NOT Hurricane Sandy)

...Not that Hurricane Sandy isn't a big story. Millions of dollars in property damage and millions of people without power is no laughing matter. We're just lucky to live in a time when science can give us enough warning to prepare. 100 years ago, a storm like this would have left thousands dead and injured instead of just a few.

 I feel especially sorry for all those on the East Coast still lacking power, because without Internet access, they missed the REALLY big story today: Disney bought Lucasfilm, and announced there would be new Star Wars movies, with the first planned for 2015.

 For Star Wars geeks, this is a jaw-dropping announcement. Uncle George, Lucas the control freak, sole owner of privately held Lucasfilm, cashing out to Disney? Actually allowing someone else to control the Star Wars franchise? Unheard of. Plus, three new movies announced. The final trilogy that George said was never going to happen, is officially happening starting in 2015. Christmas came early this year!

 But if it's surprising that George sold Lucasfilm, it's not surprising who bought it. Who but Disney could afford to continue something as epic as Star Wars? There was already a relationship in place - the Star Tours ride premiered at Disneyland back in 1987, and Disney has been doing Star Wars weekends at its parks for some time now.

 So this is the dawn of a new Star Wars era. We're already getting new movies, so what's next? Maybe this will mean a whole Star Wars-themed Disney park, a la Universal's Harry Potter attraction. Maybe this means George won't be able to keep changing the original trilogy any time he feels like it. Maybe we'll even get to see the original theatrical release versions of the first three Star Wars movies on DVD. It feels like the universe is new again, and anything can happen.

 "When you wish upon a star..."

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