Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Review

Finally got a chance to get out to a movie. (It's been awhile - the last movie we saw in a theater was a double feature of Transformers 3 and Cowboys and Aliens.) Since it's Halloween weekend, we had to go to Paranormal Activity 3.

 I really liked the first one, but didn't see the second. I was pregnant when it came out, and with previews showing demonic activity around a baby...not something I wanted to see. Your dreams are weird enough when you're pregnant, I didn't want to add demon babies to the mix.

 I really liked Paranormal Activity 3, in fact, now I want to see 2. The first one was scarier -  It was new, you didn't know what to expect - but this one had some great spooky moments. A prequel to the first two movies, it had the main characters of 1 and 2 as little girls in 1988. Creepy little kids are always a plus in a horror movie, and the girls pull it off, they come across as really natural and believable. When the little one starts talking to her "imaginary friend" Toby, you just know it's not going to go well. And we get a little more explanation for what, exactly, is plaguing this family. Maybe too much explanation, much of the horror is in the mystery.

 I was a little worried that with all the previews I'd seen for this movie, I'd feel like I'd already seen it. (I hate it when the ads show all the good stuff.) Not a problem though, most of the stuff I remember from the ads wasn't actually in the movie. I suppose there will be a lot of extra footage on the DVD.

 So overall, it's not going to win any awards, but it's a nice little scare for Halloween. And as an aside, we went to Taste restaurant for after-movie munchies, and our waiter was named Toby - a nice creepy finish to the evening!

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