Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Say No To Kiddie Fundraising

The other day the boy brought home a fundraising flyer from school. Now, I know from friends with kids that the fundraising starts a lot earlier than when I was in school, but Kindergarten? Really? The more I thought about it, the more irritated I got. Because we all know kids this young are not going door-to-door to sell this stuff. Mommy and Daddy are expected to take it to work and guilt their co-workers into ordering overpriced whatevers, because after all, we bought from their kids.

 The school even gave us a quota - we're supposed to try to sell at least 20 boxes. When did we, as parents, let this fundraising stuff get so out of hand? And can we stop it? All we have to do is refuse to cooperate - but everyone has to refuse, or else I'm just that crazy mother who doesn't care about her kids' school.

 Here are my reasons for refusing to kowtow to school fundraisers:

1. Age. As I've stated, kids this young don't learn anything from this, Mom and Dad are doing all the selling and paperwork. When I was a kid, I didn't fund-raise in grade school, they had bake sales and carnivals. And I would be all over that, I love bake sales and carnivals, and would have no problem volunteering to help.

2. Useless stuff/overpriced food. There is a whole industry that revolves around selling schools and organizations on these "fundraisers." Why should I expect my friends to pay $11 for a box of frozen pastries that I wouldn't expect to spend more than $5.99 on in the grocery store? What is the product's actual cost, and how much of that $11 goes to the school? I checked the company's website, but that information isn't available there. (Surprise)

3. Why do they need the money? I don't mind buying expensive popcorn from the Boy Scouts, or cookies from the Girl Scouts - I know the organizations do good work, and let's face it, Thin Mints are a bargain at any price. But why is my kid's school doing this fundraiser anyway?  The boy goes to a private school, and while the tuition is not excessive, it is considerable. Plus, parents are expected to provide general school supplies at the beginning of the year, and provide snacks for the class once a month. So where is the money going? Tell me about a special need and I may be willing to make a donation, instead.

So, that was my rant.  If any friends who read this blog feel the need for an $11 box of individual frozen streudels (which I must admit, do look tasty, just not worth $11), let me know. But I'm not going to pressure anyone into buying.

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