Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost Halloween

 It's time to get Halloween costumes together. Costuming at our house is interesting, since around here, costumes aren't just for Halloween. Take the boy: he has a pirate costume for Renaissance Faires, and has had several cool sci-fi convention costumes (Yoda, X-Wing pilot, Captain Kirk). So you'd think Halloween would be easy, just pull something out of the closet. But he doesn't want to wear any of those, nor does he want to be like every other five-year-old boy and go as Spider-Man, Transformers, Power Rangers or Batman - he wants to be a ghost. And not some store-bought, bleeding-mask Ghost Face, he's going old-school: a white sheet with eye holes cut out.

 This isn't a total surprise, last year he wanted to be a witch. Not a wizard or a warlock, a witch. No matter how much someone (Daddy) tried to point him toward the male version, he knew that a warlock or wizard was not the same thing, and he wanted to be a witch. Which was fine with me: a pointed hat on clearance for $1 at Target and my old hip-length Renaissance Faire cloak (which on him drags the ground) and he was set to go. And he was a super-cute witch!

 So time to get out the sheet and measure where to cut the eye holes. Do ghosts need arm holes? I don't think the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon ghost costumes had arm holes, but I don't know how he's going to hold the candy bag without them. Then I just have to dissuade him from turning the porch into a haunted house where he jumps out from behind the bushes to scare trick or treaters. (Our porch is too small.)

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