Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Good Day to Be Undead

I said at least two things today I'm pretty sure I've never said before: 

 - "Stop throwing that severed hand! You're going to lose it!"
 - "As soon as we're done eating, I'll clean the blood off the baby."

Yep, it's October, which means Omaha Zombie Walk!

We first went to this event two years ago. There were a couple hundred zombies, and you could count the spectators on one hand - of course, the weather was cold and rainy. We didn't go last year - a six-day-old baby is sort of limiting at this kind of thing. So this year was a must-go. The 5-year-old wanted to be a zombie, the baby is old enough to enjoy it but small enough to confine to a stroller, and the weather was sunny and 70 degrees, which is pretty rare for Nebraska in October.

 We had a blast - I zombied up myself and the kids, and Daddy armed himself with a nerf gun and joined the zombie resistance. This event has really become family-friendly - I wasn't the only one pushing a zombie baby in a stroller, and there were tons of kids the boy's age. There were about 1800 zombies walking, about 80 militia, and spectators lined the streets for the whole route.

Happy zombie family (note severed hand in the baby's lap)

Zombie baby

Boy wants brainz!

Daddy's ready to fight the undead horde

 We didn't stay for the Rave or the Zombikini contest (that part's not so family-friendly) but it's still a great way to spend a Saturday night!


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  2. That's too funny. There's nothing like that around here but I know some people who would sure love it.

  3. Looks like fin! I wish I'd said that to my kids at one point or another!