Friday, October 7, 2011

Is My Baby a Cat Reincarnated?

I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation, but I kind of want to. It just seems plausible - cosmic recycling.

Now, when I was about four months pregnant, our cat died. And since the baby was born, there have been some interesting similarities:
 - She dislikes the sound of rattling plastic bags - the cat hated plastic bags.
 - She sometimes puts her hand in her mouth, then wipes it along her face, just like a cat cleaning itself.
 - She chases cereal puffs around her highchair tray, capturing and releasing them a few times before eating, just like a cat with a bug.

It would make karmic sense for Buster to come back as the baby - he spent the last years of his life tolerating the boy from baby to age four. Now it's payback time as the baby does to big brother what he did to the cat. ;)

Something to think about, anyway...


  1. I'm enjoying your blog! I too am passing for normal since marrying my husband...he sucked me in! And...I'm your newest follower, glad to have found you through NaBloWriMo!

  2. Welcome aboard! Marrying in to geekiness is pretty common. My now-husband pulled me into Star Trek when we were in college, and I sucked him into Star Wars. (Not that he didn't already like Star Wars, but I doubt he would ever have worn an Emperor costume in public if not for my influence!)