Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year End Movie List

  So, last year I decided to blog a review of every movie I saw in the theater in 2012, with the idea of compiling a Top 10 List at the end of the year. Except, as I tallied up all my movie reviews, I realized I only saw 12 movies, making a Top 10 list rather meaningless.

 Instead, I'll name a Top 3, with a few special category awards, a la the Oscars. So, my top three:

 1. "The Avengers." Definitely the best of the year. Crisp dialogue, plenty of action, engaging story, brilliant special's not often a comic book movie makes so many reviewers' Top 10 lists, but there's a reason for that - this isn't just "good for a comic book movie," it's a great movie.

2. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." A very close call, this one came in second because of the general feeling of "unfinished" I was left with. Which is completely understandable, since there are still two movies to go. This is my favorite kind of fantasy movie, where one can escape into a world so real, and so complete, that you forget it's just a movie.

3. "The Hunger Games." I'm always terrified when they turn books I love into movies, it's just so traumatizing when they screw it up. This one was done right it almost every way. I know some people had a problem with Woody Harrelson's take on Haymitch, but even though he wasn't who I imagined when I read the book, I found him a believable Haymitch.

 Special category awards:

Best Kids Movie:  "ParaNorman." The only kids movie the six-year-old and I enjoyed equally. He loved the scary story, I loved the animation and believable kids' dialogue. (I hate scripts that make kids sound like smart-mouthed little grown-ups.)

Most Original Story: "Cloud Atlas." Confusing as heck, but worth paying attention to. This really stood out amongst all the sequels, remakes and franchise reboots. It's not often you find something so completely original, especially in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Close second: "Looper."

Worst Movie Adaptation of a Book: "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." Fantastic book, poorly executed as a movie. The special effects were great, the actors were great, but the story was condensed to the point of confusion, and the ending was changed. I hate that.

 Hopefully next year I'll get to see more than 12 movies. There are quite a few I'm looking forward to: Thor, Star Trek and Iron Man sequels, the next Hobbit's going to be a great 2013!

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